Money Movers 3 Game

Tonight you will have to try on the uniform of a brave policeman. One beautiful, quiet evening, Sergeant Jones began his tour of duty. The evening promised him peace of mind with a crossword puzzle magazine and a cup of coffee, but his plans were not destined to come true. It was today, the legendary brothers nicknamed "Catchy Thieves" escaped from prison. Now our guardian of the order must catch the criminals. In Money Movers 3, you will be playing Sergeant Jones and his guard dog. You can play both characters simultaneously or you can call your friend to help you and play together. So, let's get started. There are twenty interesting levels ahead of you. To open the bonus level you need to collect all the bags of money that were not stolen by the robbers during the escape. To catch the robber it is necessary that the first he caught and scared the dog, and then Jones can approach and arrest the robber. A lot of incredible puzzles and logic problems lie ahead. Have fun playing!

Category: Robber Games
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First Player Controls:
  • Arrow keys - movement
Controls for the second player:
  • WASD keys - Movement