Throw the Red Ball in the Ring Game

"Throw the Red Ball in the Ring" is a great arcade game where you can pump your skills along with the bouncy Red Ball! Ahead of you awaits a journey through the most beautiful corners of the planet. At each level the player must complete just one mission - to throw the ball into the ring. Sounds easy as hell, but it is not! If during the first few levels you can easily cope with the task, then the next will be more difficult.

How to play?

At each location the ball will be placed in a new way, and you will have to put a lot of effort to complete your mission. It is necessary to make a throw that will help the red ball to overcome all obstacles and fly into the basket. At each level there will be a construction of blocks. Use them for your own purposes so that the ball can bounce off the block and hit the target. For each completed location, you will earn gold coins to spend on cool bonuses. They will help you cope with the most difficult levels. This game will be a great simulator, and will help gamers to pump their skills. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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