Race Game: Car vs Train

"Race Game: Car vs Train is a very cool game for fans of racing and extreme driving! You will be playing an exciting racing game in which you will not only race against rivals like the same fans of racing, but also Race Game: Car vs Train! Only to start you have to agree to overcome in this race all the routes that will be given to you for the competition. Hurry up and click on the first level icon and start winning this super race "Race Game: Car vs Train"!

And so, in each level you are given a mission: to arrive before everyone else to the finish line. So get behind the wheel of your car and perform the most extreme stunts, Race Game: Car vs Train! Try to drive ahead, trying to bypass trucks and cars, and later you have to overtake the train. In the next levels are waiting for you on the track jumps and other obstacles. Try to cope with all the routes of this extreme racing game. Make the most of the flexibility of your route on the race against the train. We wish you a good time and find victory!

Category: Racing Games
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