Quiz: What Dessert Are You?

Many girls and young women adore sweets. Beautiful sweets excite the imagination and it becomes difficult to refuse from sweets. Did you know that our favorite sweet can tell us about our personality? Do you want to know what your sweet is and what it can tell about you? Then, welcome to the game "Quiz: What Kind of Dessert Are You?"!

How to play?

Ahead of you is the sweetest test. It consists of eight questions that you need to answer. For each question there will be several variants of answers. You can choose any option you like and continue the game. At the end, the game will generate all your answers and give you the player's score. So, what kind of dessert are you? Maybe a hearty and super delicious chocolate cake - the symbol of a true leader and a great friend? Or a delicate cheesecake with a creamy texture and subtle flavor? Or are you an elegant and sophisticated Red Velvet cake? Share your test results in the comments and we'll find out which yummy ones among us are more! Enjoy the game and good luck!

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