Rise of the Pop It Game

Welcome to the game "Rise of the Pop It" in which you will fight with huge mutants of Pop It toys! Today you urgently need to prevent this Rise of the Pop It, because who else but you will save the whole world from the oversized toys that want to take over all the people on the planet! Starting this interesting and exciting battle with Pop It toys you will go to the open space, where there is a secret laboratory, which is located above the clouds. You must urgently correct the mistake of one girl who dropped a Pop It toy into the lab, resulting in a Popit mutation! Get ready for the big Popite uprising, because there's a lot to see in this battle!

We'll start by choosing in the game mode settings, which will be: nasty, low, medium, high and ultra. Choose the one you like and go explore the lab and destroy those evil Pop It toys! Choose your weapon, jump, dodge them, and shoot until they take you down first! They're just waiting to unleash their stress on people! Don't let these mutants of Pop It do it, save all of humanity! Show what a true hero must be! We wish you a successful prevention to Rise of the Pop It and have a great time!

Category: Pop It Games
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  • / - movement
  • - leap
  • - sit down
  • - pick out
  • - reload
  • - rifle
  • - bead
  • (wheel) - change weapons