Shadow of the Orient Game

"Shadow of the Orient" is an exciting adventure platformer with pixel graphics, in which you have to act as a brave hero fighting evil to save the world! Travel through unique worlds filled with quests, hidden treasures, and dangerous traps waiting at every turn. There are 15 challenging levels ahead of you, each of which you need to clear the location from the enemies that have invaded your lands. The game will please you with its unique visual style, smooth animation, and fascinating plot, keeping you in suspense until the end. Get ready to fight hordes of samurai and mythical creatures on your way to the final battle with the dark lord!

Category: Pixel Games
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  • - move
  • - jump
  • - attack
  • - dash
  • - interact
  • - skip dialog
  • - switch weapons

How to play?

Before starting your journey, choose one of the two difficulty modes. Carefully explore the terrain in search of secret areas where chests with valuable loot may be hidden. Use the double jump to overcome obstacles or dodge enemy attacks. Jump over deep bodies of water or swim across them. However, stay underwater for a short time. Otherwise, your hero will drown. Be extremely careful jumping on creaky wooden platforms because they can collapse right under your feet at any moment. Destroy vases and many other objects of the environment, inside which you can find many valuable things. Collect gold coins and many other jewels to improve the characteristics of your character. Activate checkpoints to continue your journey from the nearest safe point in case of death. Soon, your arsenal will include throwing knives and powerful spells to launch fireballs at enemies. Rescue prisoners, slay minions of darkness, and defeat powerful bosses!

Game Details:
  • Here is the online game Shadow of the Orient, you can play it for free right now.
  • It has 21 player votes with an average rating of 3.71.
  • The game's release date is October 2023.
  • The game can be played on the following platforms: Web Browser (PC).