Mud Truck Russian Offroad Game

You are ready to embark on an adventure in which you will need to drive huge trucks off-road, climb big hills, try to overcome various obstacles and even rocks. The biggest problem for you can be the mud, it is everywhere. Get ready to go on a steep adventure through the woods, try to pass on the most twisting and dangerous roads. Strong wind, a lot of rain, all this will help you to immerse yourself more in the atmosphere of the game.

How to play?

Start the game, experience those cool driving sensations of these big cars. Buy a truck and go for a ride on the dirt, make cool maneuvers, but be careful not to overturn. Your task is to progress through the points on the road, try to pass all as soon as possible, so as not to run out of time. For the passage of one checkpoint you get bonus time. Here you can safely test your driving skills, try to become one of the best drivers in this game. Will be available different trucks: ZIL, KamAZ, Tarta and others. On the first level only the first truck will be available, pass levels, get money and unlock all trucks.

Category: Offroad Games
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