The Loud House: Surprsie Party Game

Here we are again at Nickelodeon's loudest family! The kids are having a big celebration today! Biggest sister Laurie Loud has a birthday today, and her little brother and sisters decided to throw a surprise party. They decided to celebrate at Ketcham Park and have a fun picnic. But there's so much to do! They have a lot to do, and not only Lincoln but also family friends Clyde, Bobby, and Rooney Ann will be helping the young Lauds.

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The Loud House: Surprsie Party

The Loud House: Surprsie Party

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How to play?

A fun quest awaits you ahead. You need to find four heavy objects and give them to Lisa so that the wind won't blow away the plaid. Lisa gave them all for this search jar, a large stone, a log, and a clay pitcher. She will quickly put them on the plaid, and it will not fly anywhere. After that, you can safely take on other tasks, girls. Periodically, you will be able to change your character and play different characters to perform any action. For example, dialing the code of his school locker can only be Cloud, and using the oven can only be Bobby. As soon as you cope with all the tasks, you wait for a fun holiday. Enjoy the game, and good luck!

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