The Loud House: Lincoln's List Game

Guys, we're going to visit Lincoln Laude. He lives in one of the noisiest houses in Nickelodeon. And that's because in this house, in addition to him, there are ten sisters: Laurie, Leni, Luann, Luna, Lola, Lana, Lynn, Lisa, Lucy, and little fidget Lily. It's hard to be the only brother and get along with many relatives in one house. Laud has bright but very contradictory characters. You have to try to relax and read comic books. A very unusual task awaits you in the "Lincoln's List" game. To take a break from the sisters and enjoy reading your favorite comic book by yourself, you need to complete the list, which will consist of the sisters' tasks.

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How to play?

You need to approach each sister in turn and talk to her. The girls will tell you what they need, but it's your job to get it all done. For example, to help Lana fix the Lincoln pipe, you need to find the crescent wrench and open all the valves - from the first to the fifth. When all tasks are completed, it's time to go to Leni and perform the last mission. Enjoy the game, and good luck!

Game Details:
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  • The game's release date is May 2018.
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