Paint Roll 3D Game

Girls and boys! Welcome to Paint Roll 3D! Do you like to watch TV shows with renovations or house construction and you are very interested in how walls are painted? This game is for those who want in the future to become a real master of painting with a paint roller, because it is a whole art! A paint roller is a device with which people make cosmetic repairs to walls, painting them in different colors. Do you want to try yourself as an experienced house painter and paint everything that you will be offered in the game? Then let's begin!

And so, your task in the game is to correctly paint with a paint roller the stripes that you will be shown on the playing field. At first you need to paint in one color, so that you understand how to use a paint roller. Span him from right to left or vice versa, up or down the stripes. Next, it will be more difficult to paint, because you have to use more than one color. Not in any case can not paint roller paint the wrong color, otherwise you lose. Look how it should be and do to avoid losing. If buedite do everything right, then you will achieve a lot in the future profession of a painter! We wish you a great time and correct painting all areas in the game "Paint Roll 3D"!

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