Kill Demons: Destroy the Devil Game

In Kill Demons: Destroy the Devil, you'll set out into a fantasy world where you'll have to take on the role of a powerful light wizard and single-handedly confront the hordes of evil demons attacking your castle! Wipe out the hordes of demons with devastating spells and defend your castle walls against the assaults of countless other hordes of enemies!

How to play?

The game has many exciting levels, the complexity of which will gradually increase. With each successive wave, the enemies will become stronger and more unpredictable. You will have your choice of 5 unique characters that you can unlock after reaching a certain level. While using spells, you will use up your magical energy. Periodically, a fairy will appear on the battlefield, which will increase your damage for a while and give you an unlimited supply of energy. After successful completion of each stage, a bonus level awaits you, where you need to destroy a flock of demons flying by to earn extra resources. Upgrade the attributes of your character, such as: magic power, maximum mana, energy recovery rate and critical hit chance. Complete various quests and unlock achievements so you can summon enough coins to quickly unlock new achievements and boost your skills. Epic battles await you against huge bosses that have a large amount of health, as well as the ability to activate an impenetrable shield. Led by legions of fearsome creatures that want to wreak havoc on the world! Become a legendary demon slayer and defeat the forces of evil!

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