Sport Stunt Bike 3D Game

"Sport Stunt Bike 3D" is a cool motorcycle riding simulator. Get ready to go into the world of stunts on a two-wheeled, steel horse. Powerful bikes are waiting for you. Just choose your favorite, get on it and start riding. You will be in a large area with lots of ramps and jumps. You just have to race through this area, and enjoy the ride. Show off all your driving skills. Do the most dangerous stunts of your life.

How to play?

Controls in the game are not simple, but if you are already an experienced biker, you will not be difficult. The physics of movement of the motorcycle is very well worked out. For a moment you can think that you are driving the real motorcycle. Your task is to pass the levels, to do tricks, but keep in mind, the time is limited. Find three coins on each level, they will be hidden very well. For passed levels you will get money rewards. And the money, in turn, can be spent on improving the bike, as well as its painting.

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