Clawdia Wolfgirl Hairstyle Challenge Game

Welcome to Clawdia Wolfgirl! Today, you will learn how to make stylish hairstyles and have fun. In Monster High, Clawdia is one of the most popular girls who always follows fashion. It applies not only to clothes but also to hairstyles. If the girl notices it's time to change her haircut, she immediately goes to the hairdresser. This time, our heroine decided to participate in the Hair Challenge to take first place and prove to everyone that she was the most stylish. Well, we need to help Clawdia and create real masterpieces for her!

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How to play?

You must prepare four stylish hairstyles and a final look for the jury to evaluate your work and decide. Let's get started! And the first thing you need to do is to wash your hair well. Use different shampoos and masks for your hair to make it manageable and comfortable to work with. And here is the first version of the haircut that you must repeat. Use all the tools such as scissors, iron, razor, hair dryer, and other items to help you create a cool hairstyle. Also, you can change the color of your hair and add bright passes that will look very stylish. Next, you must make makeup and pick up beautiful clothes with accessories. After that, our heroine will be ready to show her first haircut and see how many stars the judges will evaluate. You need to continue working and make stylish hairstyles to make Clawdia the most fashionable. Enjoy the game!

Game Details:
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  • The game's release date is November 2023.
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