Minecraft Runner 2 Game

"Minecraft Runner" is a new game with new adventures in which you will try to help Steve overcome new obstacles in the form of scrapped blocks and running players. You will be running on a three linear road. Along the way you will encounter many obstacles to get through. Start running on a very long and endless road, collect gold coins along the way. Here you can not only have a good time, but also train your dexterity and attention.

How to play?

You have to run and not hit objects and opponents. The game is designed for you to run as far as possible, that's the essence of the game. But without pumping you won't get much. Get Steve pumped up and help him set the record. Run in a straight line, move left and right, bypass opponents in any way possible. The farther you can run, the more coins you probably get. On the track you can often see a box with wings, catch it, it will help you take off, and no obstacles are not afraid of! There will also be a number of improvements available: super running, acceleration, braking and endurance. Which you can of course improve for the coins you collect. As you advance, the acceleration bar will fill up, when it fills up, press the forward button, and Steve will rush in a straight line at full speed until the energy runs out.

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