Friday Night Funkin Adventure Game

In the game "Friday Night Funkin Adventure" you and I will go to a new world. It looks like the world of Super Mario with "Friday Night Funkin" style decorations. It looks very unusual and beautiful! Your main character will be Boyfriend. This young hero has already proven his courage and bravery in endless musical battles with the most dangerous enemies. After them, the kid is not afraid of anyone or anything. And that means dizzying adventures ahead!

How to play?

In the game "Friday Night Funkin Adventure" you have to travel through the night Mushroom Kingdom in search of gold coins. To find gold, smash brick and yellow boxes. There can hide not only coins, but also other useful items. For example, a mushroom for growth, a flower for shots, or a shield that grants invulnerability for a short period of time. Try to collect these bonuses and you can defeat all enemies on the way, and they will be great. Here you will meet the most dangerous creatures of the Mushroom Kingdom: turtles Coups, evil frogs and other creatures. To destroy them, you need to jump on monster's head or shoot him. Or you can simply jump over the enemy and continue on your way. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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