Elsa's Fashion Nail Art DIY Blog Game

Guys, you are welcomed by a very interesting game "Elsa's Fashion Nail Art DIY Blog"! You probably thought that Princess Elsa doesn't do her own nails, we'll let you know more! It's her favorite thing to do, which she's ready to enthuse you about right now! Are you ready to learn something new about manicure so that your nails are always beautiful and well-groomed? Then hurry up and join Elsa's blog and get down to the fashionable art of nails!

Elsa's favorite hobby is coming up with designs for painting on her nails. Every day Elsa has new ideas for manicure, which she is ready to share with you right now! Your task in the game as you have already realized is to help Elsa to make her new art on her nails! To do this you will have a lot of different nail polishes and brushes, which you will paint with. Bringing her new nail art ideas to life at the end of the game don't forget to choose pictures of her nails from different angles so that they can be seen in good light. Share them with her audience on her social media. We wish you the best of luck with Elsa's Fancy Nail Art Blog right now! Good Luck!!!

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