Mahjong Alchemy Game

Tired of regular Alchemy? Tired of Mahjong? Then we suggest you touch the mysterious alchemy tiles, imbued with ancient magic and the entourage of the bewitching Orient! Let the "Mahjong Alchemy" experience the ultimate gaming feast!

How to play?

Collect the same cards by simply left-clicking or tapping on your smartphone screen. Train your memory and improve your attention to find pairs with alchemy emblems as quickly as possible. Remember, the faster you find a pair, the more points you can get. You'll earn coins for successfully solving the puzzles, which you can spend to buy new rare, epic or legendary tiles. If necessary, use the hint by clicking on the appropriate button on the side. You can also shuffle all the items on the playing field for a small amount of money. Enjoy the atmosphere of the Chinese festival and the magic of alchemy during a trip in transport or after a hard day's work! This game is perfect to relax and get a lot of positive impressions from the exciting gameplay!

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