Brain Test 2 Game

Guys, it's time to test your intelligence and logical thinking! There are many ways to test it, but we have chosen the most interesting and, of course, fun way! Welcome to "Brain Test 2"! Here you will find a collection of the most amusing tests on logic and wit. Ready to show off your sharp wit and quick wit? Then let's do it!

How to play?

There are nineteen levels waiting for you. First you have to read a question or a task. Except that it will be in English. So use your knowledge of English or arm yourself with a dictionary. To find the right answer, you need to think out of the box and approach the solution with balance and even with humor. For example, on the first task you have to find the biggest fruit. There will be fruits of different sizes. For example, there will be a huge banana and a tiny watermelon. It seems to be correct to choose the banana, but in the real life watermelon is bigger. That is what you need to choose. Now it is clear that the task will be a trick. But do not get used to it! Enjoy the game and good luck!

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