Connect the Line Game

Welcome to the game "Connect the Line", which knows how to cheer you up in the gloomy weather and make you have fun and spend your free time. Today you have a great opportunity to have a little fun with your logical imagination. This game was released not long ago, but it has already won the hearts of millions of people with its bright colors and excellent gameplay. If you are very fond of connecting the lines, but could not find a good and suitable game for you this game is for you! Here you will feel as a good teacher to connect the lines of the balls. Playing the game you will receive applause from the studio, which will control your entire gameplay. Shall we begin?

The whole aim of the game is to connect as large lines as possible and remove them from the playing square field. There will be different colored circles placed on the playing field in front of you. Choose a ball so that you can connect it with such balls of the same color and make as big a line as possible when connecting. Then after that the balls are able to remove and give you a lot of speed points in the game in return. So the faster you remove lines from the playing field the more bonus points you get at the end of the game. For large lines when you remove the lines you will be given a variety of bonuses that will appear on the playing field. You can use them to score faster. For example, some with bonuses can remove several connected lines at a time to give you a large number of points. Practice your reaction and attention well while having fun with our fun game. Good Luck!

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