Ladybug Temple Run Game

Lady Bug is one of the youngest and bravest superheroines in Paris. Despite her young age, the girl constantly saves her hometown and its inhabitants from powerful villains. She never gets discouraged and does everything to ensure that Parisians can sleep soundly! But to stay in shape, the girl has to constantly train. For this, we have prepared for Lady Bug obstacle course. Want to join a beautiful heroine and help her a little? Then, welcome to "Ladybug Temple Run" game!

How to play?

Lady Bug will go to an ancient temple, near which there is a track with obstacles. The girl will run forward automatically, and you have to help her maneuver among dangerous obstacles: cliffs and vertical and horizontal rotating logs with spikes. Also, your task is to help Lady Bug to overcome the maximum distance. This game will not only help Lady Bug, but also you. After all, this is a great chance to develop your agility and reaction speed. It will be fun and useful! Enjoy the game and good luck!

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