Baby First Aid Tips Game

What should you do in case of danger? Let's see! In today's game, you will learn how to administer first aid. You will learn first aid tips for accidents such as burns, bee stings, and insects in the eyes. We hope that by learning these tips, children will better protect themselves in an emergency.

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How to play?

If a pet bites you, follow these instructions. Cut soap into pieces and put them in water. Make a soap solution to wash the wound. Take a cotton swab, dip it in disinfectant, and apply it to the wound. Children, if a pet bites you, call an ambulance and go to the hospital for treatment! Then, move on to other sick people. A little boy got a bruise after he fell. Please help him treat the wound! First, remove the leaves on the wound and apply a saline solution to wash it out. Then apply ointment and seal it with a Band-Aid! Children, please watch your feet when you walk! Give all children help so they don't cry again and feel healthy. Good luck!

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