Dino Dig Game

Archaeology is an ancient science that has unlocked many mysteries of the past. Archaeologists worldwide have been excavating for years to find the ancient remains of civilizations that lived long before our time or the bones of ancient dinosaurs. Ready to make your contribution to history? Then get to work!

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Dino Dig

Dino Dig

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How to play?

In the children's game "Dino Dig", we will join a team of archaeologists and search for ancient remains of prehistoric dinosaurs. In a remote valley, you have to look for fossils and remains of dinosaurs. Armed with a pickaxe, you can start excavating right in the middle of a picturesque valley. Follow the clues, and very soon, you can get a real archaeological treasure — the bones of a prehistoric creature.

To put the skeleton together and determine the dinosaur species, you need to handle the bones and bring them into proper shape carefully. Once they are ready, you can assemble all the bones into a skeleton and admire the prehistoric creature. The search for the remains will occur within the valley and in other places. You will mine the remains from the seabed and search for them in dark caves. Ahead of you will encounter many dinosaurs that were masters of the planet long before humans appeared on Earth.

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