Happy Birthday Party Game

Today baby panda is celebrating his birthday. On this occasion he has decided to have a party and invite his dearest friends to visit him. He wants to decorate the house beautifully and set a festive table with a big birthday cake. Bear dreams to have a party that he likes not only himself, but also the guests. Let's help our little friend? Then let's get to work!

How to play?

In "Happy Birthday Party" game we are going to prepare for the big party. Since the panda has already decorated the room nicely, our task is to set the table. Choose a nice tablecloth, and then place the tableware on the table. After that, it's time for the most important thing - the birthday cake. You can choose a cake with unicorns, strawberries or rainbows. Panda will be happy with any beautiful cake! In addition to the cake, choose a few more treats and we can start the party! Once the guests have eaten, all that's left is to get presents and carry on with the party!

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