Twins Preparing Summer Dessert Game

Kids, welcome to our new game where you can test your culinary skills and prepare a summer dessert. Cooking is a very interesting and useful activity, especially at an early age. From about 4 years old, the baby begins to correlate their tastes to achieve certain taste preferences. In today's game, we will be making a delicious dessert together with cute twins. Let's get started! The first thing to do is to prepare all the ingredients. Then in a large bowl start cooking! Mix all the products following the prompts, first beat the eggs with sugar, melt the butter and sift the flour. Have you already guessed what you will be making? If not, in the following steps, it will all become clear to you.

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  • Here is the online game Twins Preparing Summer Dessert, you can play it for free right now.
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  • The game's release date is August 2021.
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