What Do Animals Eat?

With What Do Animals Eat?, you'll learn what animals eat in a fun and playful way! When a toddler is in their developmental stage, around the age of 4, they become interested in literally everything! Particular attention kids pay to animals, because they are so cute. If you already know who makes what sounds, now let's find out what certain animals eat! In the game, we have prepared for you more than five levels with pictures of different animals, which you will guess.

How to play?

So, in the center you will see a picture with a certain foodstuff, and at the bottom of the screen there will be three cards with different animals. Your task is to think carefully and choose the animal that eats the food. For example, if the picture will show meat, and among the animals will be a year, then this food is suitable for him. If you don't know the right answer, ask your parents for help or just click on all the animals to see the correct answer! Have fun!

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