Zombie Cows From Hell Game

Welcome to the terrifyingly fun game "Zombie Cows From Hell"! You will turn into a monster hunter and go on a mission. This time the mission will take you to the cemetery. Rumor has it this is where the zombie cows are breeding. This is very unusual, even for your unusual profession! But a quest is a quest, and one that must be completed! Upon arriving at the cemetery you are in for an even bigger surprise. It turns out that besides the zombie cows there are also other zombie animals: dogs, horses and even bulls. These animals didn't rest in peace, but began to scare the locals. That means it's time to deal with them!

How to play?

You will be armed with a large metal hammer with which you can kill even a living dead person. There will be nine excavated tombstones on the screen. Animal zombies will appear from them. Try to kill as many monsters as possible, because for each dead person you'll get points. To pass the level and move on, you need to earn the certain amount of points. But keep your eyes open and watch out for the skeletons with bombs. Killing them will cost you no bonus points. But hitting the gift box will give you extra time. This fun game will be enjoyable for young gamers, 10-12 year old kids and even older. It will be cool and fun! Enjoy the game and good luck!

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