Diamond Painting ASMR Coloring Game

"Diamond Painting ASMR Coloring" is a bright and creative game with a pleasant soundtrack that will be a real time killer! Recently, diamond mosaic has gained great popularity among children of all ages. But children between 10 years of age, who have a propensity for creativity, take a special liking to it. It is also of great benefit, because the assembly of such a mosaic requires perseverance, patience and attention.

How to play?

A lot of bright and colorful mini mosaics with a variety of images await you ahead. The first will be the golden apple. You will have to glue the small rhinestones to your numbers, which are drawn on the diagram. As soon as one of the colors will run out you can take the rhinestones of the other number and continue to build your diamond mosaic. Once the picture is ready, you can move on to the next level. With each new level bigger area will be available and their assembly will require more time. But you'll get more pleasure from the huge diamond puzzle's assembly too. And a nice sound of rhinestones installation will delight the lovers of asmr sounds. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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