"" - get ready to start a cool and very addictive game in which you will have to run and shoot. Here you will be able to observe the beautiful 2D graphics. You will shoot each other, applying all possible ninja skills! You will fight on relatively small maps. In front of you a lot of shelters, use the terrain and everything you can hide behind. The battle is against live players, so, try to show your maximal skill!

How to play?

To win, rack up a lot of flags. Once the round is over, it will be revealed who has become number one in this fierce battle. But don't get too comfortable! Once finished, a new, tougher round will begin. And you will have to confirm your number one status, or once again try to take the lead. Learn all the tricks, learn how to use the entire arsenal of weapons. Try to use all the tricks of the real ninja! In addition to this mode, there is another "Capture the Flag". In it you have to take other people's flags and carry them to your base.

Before you start the game, choose two weapons. Also you have three traps, use them the moment the enemy is chasing you. The traps can do very heavy damage, after which you can finish off the enemy. Try to stick to some tactics to win this game!

Category: io Games
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