Horse Riding Game

Horses have always been one of the fastest means of transportation until cars or trains invents. Let's return to those times with the "Horse Riding" game. Here you will control the horse on which sits the rider, who wants to learn how to ride and gallop on a horse like a professional. Your task is to help him in this not-easy matter. To learn to ride a horse, you must overcome a great distance on the way, with many barriers and obstacles you need to overcome. Start the race, speed up, and jump over fences and other walls. On each of the distances, overcoming many barriers is quite tricky for the novice rider on the horse.

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You must jump well to skip obstacles by pressing the mouse, which prepares your horse to jump. Remember that you can only hold the jump button for a short time. Otherwise, your horse will get tired and unable to jump.

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You are a big fan of horse racing or equestrian games. Have you ever thought about becoming a racing jockey and joining the real world of horse racing, riding, and taking on the challenge against other top-world trainers and jockeys? INSTRUCTIONS It's a straightforward game. Just hit the play button and follow the instructions.

How to play?

The whole game consists of several modes: free riding, career, championship, and stunts. In any of the ways, you will get to a track where you will participate in horse races. The main objective is to reach the finish line first and get ahead of other competitors on the horses. You can do this only if your horse will overpower all the obstacles in its path. Then it can gain more speed and win. Play and pass the game, earn money, buy a new horse, or buy improvements to make your horse fast. Good Luck!

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  • The game's release date is November 2012.
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