The Lost Signal: SCP Game

Our world is full of mysteries and mystics. But ordinary people are not destined to face them, and often mankind coexists peacefully with the danger, not even aware of its presence. But there are some people who have to work with the most incredible things, and feel the effects of the mysteries of our world and not only. Ahead of you are waiting for mystical adventures in the style of "The X-Files", where you will become an eyewitness of strange events.

How to play?

In the horror game "The Lost Signal: SCP" you will work as a secret agent. There will be two agents in your team. The first one is a young guy, that performs dangerous missions that require physical strength and endurance. And the second one will be a special agent, that specializes in the study of paranormal phenomena and their activity. At first you will be able to play only first agent. You will have to perform a couple of strange, and sometimes scary tasks. Once you're in the room, go straight to the electronic scoreboard. There you will read the information about the missions your agent will have to perform. They will not be the most pleasant. You will have to find the dummy among his copies and ask him how he is, then to take off the coffin and face ghosts that live in another reality. At times it will be very scary, but the agent has no choice. Just go for it!

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