Urban Strike Game

The plot of "Urban Strike" unfolds in the United States, where the president lost the upcoming elections, after which he created a super weapon. With this weapon, he will try to seize all the power and then the whole world! Rather, it turns out that this man is a drug lord named Carlos Malone. You may know him from the last part of the game, he survived after you shot a missile into a bus, when he tried to escape from Washington DC. In this episode, he's gathered a large number of supporters, and they've teamed up to conquer the entire earth! Your job is to eliminate the insecurity that has been created that threatens world security. You and some other pilots are given the task of preventing the villains from carrying out their plans.

How to play?

Gameplay is very simple, the game is divided into large levels-maps: urban, sandy, jungle and others. On each of the locations you will have a certain mission - for example, destroy different structures, rescue hostages, and more.

The helicopter has 3 types of firepower: machine gun and short- and medium-range missiles. Ammunition, fuel, tends to run out. So collect different resources, and do not waste ammunition just for fun. Destroy small buildings, bunkers, barns. If you get hit, you will start the game from the place where you just fell.

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  • - control
  • - medium-range missile
  • - short-range missile
  • - machine gun