Helicopter Strike Game

This seemingly simple game "Helicopter Strike" has a very interesting story and beautifully drawn graphics. To fly you will only need to click on the screen to fly over obstacles and shoot enemies. Enemies will ride on tanks, fly in helicopters and also on jetpacks. Upgrade your helicopter and attack your enemies!

How to play?

The primary goal in each mission is to reach the end and destroy the boss. There are secondary objectives that are rewarded with medals: The primary objective, to destroy the boss. And there are two more secondary objectives. The additional first one is to rescue people who will parachute in. The second is to destroy all enemies who will fire at you. If you don't complete the mission the first time, don't worry! You will have plenty of chances to do so. You need to collect coins during the game and pump your helicopter to the maximum! You will have 6 missions to get to the main boss. Each level will have a different location, so it will diversify and give more emotions while passing this wonderful game. Get to the boss, destroy all of his allies. Have fun!

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