Halloween at the Magic Cat Academy Game

Welcome to the "Magic Cat Academy"! It's not just cats that are taught magical wisdom here, despite the name. Other creatures can learn magic here, too. One day on the eve of Halloween, a young cat wizard Momo was learning new spells in the library. There were a lot of people there besides him and everyone was minding their own business. Suddenly lightning pierced the room and a giant ghost appeared. He laughed evilly and kidnapped everyone who was in the library. Everyone except our kitten! The kitten managed to escape and decided to go in pursuit of the enemy to save his comrades.

How to play?

In the game "Halloween at the Magic Cat Academy", you will help the tailed sorcerer Momo to fight against an army of ghosts. There are five levels ahead of you, and at the end of each level you will have to fight the boss. Momo will be standing in the center of the room, and the ghosts will make their way to him from different directions. To kill the ghost, you must draw the same signs as above his head with your wand. At first these will be simple horizontal and vertical sticks, but as the game progresses the signs will become more complex. The kitten will have 5 lives. If he gets hurt, then keep your eyes open and don't miss the angry kitty with the heart sign. When you see her, draw a heart and get an extra life. Enjoy the game and have a happy Halloween!

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