Baby Zara Home Cleaning Game

Little Zara invites you to visit! But not to play. She needs help with house cleanliness. Lately, Zara has not wanted to clean much, which has had terrible consequences. Her house is so dirty that it needs cleaning. Zara can't cope without your help. Let's help the girl clean the house so that instead of garbage on the table, there is a fresh bouquet, not candy wrappers.

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Baby Zara Home Cleaning

Baby Zara Home Cleaning

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How to play?

For quality cleaning in the house, you need to follow all the instructions. Let's start the cleaning from the bathroom, where you will have to wash the toilet and bathtub and wash clothes. There is a lot of work to do, but we are sure you will handle it at all. Use all the chemicals to clean the plaque off the toilet bowl. Try to whiten the bathtub and get clean water for bathing. It's your turn to do laundry. You need to sort the clothes by color so that the white things don't get painted with the colored clothes. Then, hang up the clothes and move on to cleaning the kitchen, where you are waiting for the refrigerator with spoiled food and unwashed dishes. Clean up and go to Zara's bedroom, which is also a mess! When the house is clean, help the little girl to make makeup and pick up clothes with accessories. Good luck!

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  • The game's release date is June 2024.
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