Movie Date Prep Game

Welcome to the game Movie Date Prep! Today should be a very beautiful and unusual date in a young couple in which very different fashion styles and different views on life! The fact that they want each other to like very much, so they urgently need your help! After all, who but you girls in this wonderful game, can turn the date into something they could only dream of! Ready? Then let's go!

And so, your task girls is to help this cute couple to get ready for their date to the movies, for this you need to move your mind a little bit and come up with beautiful movie outfits for each of the partners. First, proceed to take care of the girl, making her a beautiful manicure, beautiful makeup. Then dress her in such an outfit so that your partner likes her and wants to watch a movie with her. After move on to dressing up your partner, he is also worried to make her like her. Make this couple have the most romantic date ever! We wish you the best of luck!

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