Baby Taylor Tea Party Day Game

Girls 8 years old, you are welcomed by a very cute game "Baby Taylor Tea Party Day"! Today in the game you will meet a very cute baby Taylor who goes to school and has a lot of friends. She loves to visit them by invitation, today she decided to invite them to a tea party. Little Taylor wants to ask you to help prepare for the arrival of her friends and tea party. Do you want to help the little girl to have a fun tea party day with her friends? Then let's get started!

Your task in the game is to help the girl Taylor to prepare for her friends' arrival by organizing a tea party day for them. And so, first you have to go to the kitchen. After that the table in front of you will have the necessary products to make a cake for tea. First you will take up the preparation of the pie, then you will prepare tea and lay the table. Once the cake is ready, cut it up and decorate it with different sweets. You will have a lot of hints in the game that will indicate the right sequence of your actions. Prepare tea and seat all your friends at the table. Have a nice tea party and have a good time!

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