Bomb Prank Game

We are pleased to present you one of the most fun multiplayer survival games called "Bomb Prank", in which you will have to take part in a funny explosive relay race against many other players! You will have the opportunity to acquire one of the unique looks for your character, including "Spider-Man", "Deadpool", "Iron Man", "Pikachu" and many other famous cartoon and comic book characters!

How to play?

Control is done with the mouse. At the beginning of the game, you will find yourself on a small arena in the middle of the sea. In the center of the platform there will be a red box, inside of which there will be explosives. After the countdown bomb with lit fuse will fly out of the box straight into the hands of one of the participants. You need to keep a safe distance from the bomb carrier until it detonates. Ahead of you waiting for a lot of exciting levels, the complexity of which will gradually increase. There will also be various objects on the playfield, such as: wooden crates, barrels, concrete blocks and brick walls that you can use as a cover. Good luck!

Category: Funny Games
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