FNF vs. Phone guy (FnaF UCN) Game

In the "FNF vs. Phone Guy (FnaF UCN)" game, you will try on the role of the night guard in the family pizzeria "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza". The main feature of this cozy establishment was singing animatronics. They amused children and adults with their funny songs and cute faces. But for some reason, there were always changing night guards. The Boyfriend decided to try his luck and got a job at a pizzeria. On the first night, he realized that terrible things were happening there.

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To start the game click on the black screen after it's download!
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  • / - sing
  • / - backward
  • - / + - adjust the volume

How to play?

In the new fnf mod, you'll battle the famous phone guy from the "5 Nights with Freddy" game series! No one has ever seen him, but many have heard of him. This guy helped the newly minted guards and gave them instructions that helped them survive among the crazed animatronics. But if he were a good hero back then, the phone guy would be the main antagonist on the "Friday Night Funkin" stage. Ready to fight him in a musical battle? Then get your fingers ready! To win, you must repeat all the arrow combinations on the screen during the party, the Boyfriend. Be careful and try to defeat the new enemy! Enjoy the game, and good luck!

Game Details:
  • Here is the online game FNF vs. Phone guy (FnaF UCN), you can play it for free right now.
  • It has 961 player votes with an average rating of 3.87.
  • The game's release date is February 2022.
  • The game can be played on the following platforms: Web Browser (PC), Android / iOS (Mobile).