FNF: Erase and Guess Game

The game "Friday Night Funkin" has gained immense popularity and gained numerous fans all over the world. Cool music battles, cool songs without words and cool characters provided the game one hundred percent hit the bullseye! But sometimes song battles a little tired and want to occupy themselves with something not so dynamic. And we are always ready to present you a game for every taste and mood! Ready to take a break from the heated battles and move your brain? Then, welcome to the game "FNF: Erase and Guess"!

How to play?

Here's a mystery quiz that will show you how well you remember the street singers from "FNF"! So, are you ready? Well, here we go! Before you start the game, you have to choose the difficulty level: easy, medium, hard or extreme. It's better to choose the easiest level first. In front of you there will be the screen that says "Erase" to erase the screen. And on the right side of it, there is the menu with the choices. You need to act fast and guess your character right away. Remember that you are limited in time, and the victory in the quiz depends only on your reaction speed. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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