Friday Night Funkin: Sonic Game

"Friday Night Funkin: Sonic" is a fun mod where instead of the usual heroes and enemies there will be characters from the "Sonic" cartoon series universe. Your hero will be Sonic instead of Boyfriend, and the role of a beautiful Girlfriend will perform Amy Rose. Now the guys will fight for their love against a host of enemies that are willing to do anything to win Sonic. Let us help him and destroy the plans of treacherous villains!

How to play?

There will be two modes in the game "Freiday Knight Funkin: Sonic" - story and free-to-play. Choosing the story, you will be able to go through a little training and will fight the enemies strictly on a turn-by-turn basis. You will only be able to skip through the game weeks. And in free-to-play mode, you can choose different songs and take part in any musical battle. The main task - deftly repeat the arrows that appear on the screen, and out-sing all the opponents led by Dr. Robotnik. This villain will act in place of Daddy Direst and try to defeat you, along with the hedgehog Shadow and the bat Rouge. But is it possible to defeat the king of the Friday Night Funkin scene! Of course it's not! And all FNF fans know it! Enjoy the game and good luck!

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To start the game click on the black screen after it's download!
  • - start / make selection / pause
  • / - sing
  • / - backwards
  • - / + - adjust volume