Friday Night Funkin VS Sky Game

The boyfriend had to go through a lot to win the heart of a charming girl. At first he tried to get the pretty girl to like him, and when he did, a new problem immediately arose. Girlfriend's father was against their relationship and started a real war against the guy. At first he fought Boyfriend himself in a music battle, but when he lost he sicced other battle musicians on him. Among them were monsters and assassins. But the boy managed to crush everyone and with his talent win the opportunity to enter into a relationship with his beloved.

And just when things seemed to be getting better, a new problem arose. A crazy Boyfriend groupie named Skye appeared on the horizon, wanting to gain the boy's favor. The girl is transported from a parallel reality, where they made a perfect couple. But the guy isn't ready to give up on his relationship so easily and marry Skye. He rejects the girl, and then the fun begins!

How to play?

In the game "Friday Night Funkin VS Sky", you must help a boy in love fight his own groupie and defeat her. Otherwise, the love-crazed girl threatens to hurt Girlfriend by taking on the guise of her dark side named Manifest. It's up to you to defeat Skye, Manifest and other characters to save your relationship with your beloved Gurlfriend. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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To start the game click on the black screen after it's download!
  • - start / make selection / pause
  • - sing
  • / - backwards
  • - / + - adjust volume