Puper Ball Game

Puper Ball is a fun sports game in which you will participate in an exciting soccer tournament! Ahead of you, there are many exciting levels in which you must deftly bypass all defenders and score a goal in the opponent's goal. Travel through various colorful locations, including a city park, desert, beach, farm, and even a high-security colony.

Category: Football Games
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How to play?

To begin, take a short tutorial that will familiarize you with the basic game mechanics. You'll encounter a large number of popular characters at the stadium. You'll earn money for winning matches, which can be used to buy new unique balls. Also, remember to regularly improve their characteristics to increase the power of impact and duration of additional abilities. Occasionally, extra power-ups will appear in the arena that can render you completely invulnerable for a few seconds. You lose if you get caught by the goalkeeper or fly out of bounds. Collect gold keys, open treasure chests, and get daily gifts for entering the game!

Game Details:
  • Here is the online game Puper Ball, you can play it for free right now.
  • It has 177 player votes with an average rating of 4.14.
  • The game's release date is December 2022.
  • The game can be played on the following platforms: Web Browser (PC).