Block Strike Game

Welcome to the exciting first-person action shooter called "Block Strike", where you will have the opportunity to act as an elite fighter, who has to complete all incredibly difficult missions in the hottest spots of the cubic world! Your main goal is to stealthily eliminate all enemies so as not to raise the alarm. After all, the enemies will have a numerical advantage, so if they notice you, they will immediately surround you and open a barrage of fire on you. Slowly move around the location and collect ammo and different types of weapons that will help you eliminate the enemies more effectively. If you run out of ammo, you can always use your weighty axe to silently eliminate unsuspecting enemies.

How to play?

While shooting, try to aim at the head to disable the enemy soldier with a single accurate shot. Stand still and shoot in small bursts to minimize bullet dispersion. You have a lot of exciting levels ahead of you, in which you have to take part in incredibly dynamic firefights. Find a large caliber sniper rifle hidden on the map and eliminate your enemies from a safe distance. Block Strike also features a daylight saving time feature that lets you carry out stealthy missions in broad daylight as well as at night. Battles will take place on a variety of colorful locations in the style of Minecraft, namely: a battleship, the city center, a military base and the airport. Good luck on the battlefield!

Category: Fire Games
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