Metal Commando Game

"Metal Commando" is a new generation platformer game with a lot of cool features that we are about to try to tell you about. Get ready to take the weapon and go on another mission, in which you need to save the whole planet. You, as an experienced commando, need to get into the center of the enemy, and try to destroy him from the inside. The game will take you through a huge number of steep levels, you will meet very strong bosses and fight to the death with them!

How to play?

Exciting platforming game with cool graphics, spectacular explosions and a huge assortment of weapons. Special mention should be made of the firepower, in the menu, in the weapons section you can choose any of the available by level. Firepower is divided into 4 types: primary, special, grenade, melee. As the game progresses, you will level up the main character. You can pump him: life recovery speed, hit, damage from bullets, running, medkits, armor and more.

You will get 1 soldier skill point for passing a level, then use your ego to unlock the skill. You can reset the skill points whenever you want, if for example you choose something wrong. Each subsequent mission will be more and more intense, the enemies will get stronger. Come up with some strategy to win before your enemies try to do so! How long can you survive in the most intense guerrilla game?

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  • / - character control
  • - shoot / dodge / jump / throw grenade - (press in game)