Body Fall Game

"Body Fall" is an exciting new game with realistic physics and superb 3D graphics, in which you have to test the strength of a mannequin's body by throwing it off various structures! In order to unlock all 10 unique levels, you need to collect enough broken bones, which you can get during the durability test. On each stage you'll have only 3 balls with which you need to push the dummy down so that he gets as many injuries, fractures and other injuries incompatible with life as possible. Thanks to these actions, you will earn an impressive amount of points and gain access to the next level.

How to play?

Use the left mouse button to throw the ball at the target. Move the camera for easier targeting. On the left side there will be a drawing of the robotic doll, on which all the injuries will be displayed. Depending on the injuries received, the character will not be able to move one or another part of his body. This game is great for relaxing and releasing all the accumulated stress! Take a ride on all the deadly attractions and set new amazing records! We wish you the best of luck!

Category: Fine Games
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