Royal Story Game

"Royal Story" is an exciting multiplayer online fantasy game in which you will take on the role of a young prince or princess of an amazing magical kingdom! Once upon a time, your kingdom was powerful and prosperous. But one day an evil sorceress came and cursed the land, seeking to destroy its rulers. Fortunately the good wizard put the newborn heir to the throne into a deep sleep to keep him from the evil spell until he was old enough to save the kingdom. It is up to you to restore your kingdom to its former glory and turn it into a fairy-tale empire!

How to play?

Before you start the game, you first need to register. Your mentor in the game will be a little dwarf named Max. He will tell you about the basic principles of the game and will periodically give you useful advice on how to interact with the interface. Work hard to help the dwarf defeat Altessa's minions and put an end to her misdeeds in order to restore peace on your lands. Start by developing your own plot of land. Plant different plants in your fields to harvest your ripe crops, then feed your cow for fresh milk. You'll need it later to make flavorful cheese. At the start of the game, the size of your land is fairly small, and the number of buildings is limited. Explore your surroundings and open up new areas to build various buildings, factories, gardens or orchards on them. Construct the necessary tools, build workshops, improve your castle and defend your domain against vicious monsters! You need materials to produce most items. Purchase all the necessary equipment in the shop. Earn experience for successfully completing quests, to level up. If you level up, you can buy new items. Each action you take will deduct a certain amount of energy points, which are replenished over time. Make new friends, help out your friends with power-ups, and accept gifts from your neighbors!

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