Escape or Die 2 Game

"Escape or Die 2" game is a cool survival quest. You find yourself trapped in a strange basement, completely unaware of what happened. But the timer in the left corner makes you think you need to hurry up and get out of this creepy place. You will have exactly 5 minutes for everything. In that time you must make your escape or you will die! But let's not panic. The first thing to do is turn on the lights. Take the key from the desk by the computer and open the fuse box. You need to put all the toggle switches in the right order and then the lights will come on. Now you can explore the room. Look through all the drawers on the shelves and you may find a couple of useful things.

Your main task is to escape. And the only way to escape from here is through the small window, which is located above the ceiling. Put a ladder there and you'll see that the window is locked. I don't think anyone left you a key. But don't be discouraged. Find a couple of retorts and chemical research vessels, and make an acid that will corrode the metal lock. Hurry up, or time will run out and you'll die!

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