Dora Slide Puzzle Game

Find out what charming Dasha is going to do this weekend. She is going on an exciting hike again, which you can watch by putting together a picture from several puzzles. Drag and drop them on the screen, picking up each adjacent one until you get the finished picture. The main feature of this puzzle is that it is not composed of usual and separate pieces of pieces, but in the form of a slide, which needs to be moved in order to combine the whole picture. In the game there will be three slides, that you can put together. To do this, select the image that you like the most and the size of the puzzle, on which the difficulty of the game depends. It can be mini, medium or difficult. After a slide appears in front of you, which will start to change places, and you have to collect it into one whole picture. It won't be easy, but don't be daunted though! Move the slide in different directions to get the desired result. Good luck!

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