Dino Melt Game

A long time ago, big and small dinosaurs lived on our planet, until trouble came to them. A big meteorite hit the Earth and scattered all the dinosaurs far away from their home. One little dinosaur fell underground and found himself in a deep cave. When he met a friendly frog, he learned that he had to get to the surface quickly, but it wouldn't be that easy.

In the game "Dino Melt" you play a small green dinosaur that is waiting for a big adventure. After the meteorite fall, all the underground creatures went crazy and became very vicious. You have to move forward, attack different monsters, monsters and try to stay alive. Our green hero will have to fight even with big bosses, which are very difficult to deal with. Go forward, collect the fruit and save the game in special places. Keep an eye on the map so you don't get lost. Good luck!

Category: Dinosaur Games
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  • - control
  • - jumps
  • - rifle
  • - map view