Design My Pleated Skirt Game

Pleated skirts are the new fashion trend. These cute princesses need your help to decorate their favorite unique pleated skirt. Let's work together to design the skirts and create real masterpieces. Four princesses, ready for a change! Let's choose one of the princesses let's start coming up with a unique design. First you need to choose the length of the skirt, it can be midi, floor, mini and many more options. Then let's choose a beautiful color, you will have a very large palette of colors, so there will be plenty to choose from. And if you want to choose a beautiful pattern you will have this opportunity, because we have prepared for you a lot of beautiful prints that will be fashionable this summer. And also choose a beautiful accessory, in the form of a belt and other fun jewelry. Next, choose a matching top under the skirt to get a complete look. Don't forget that other princesses are also waiting for their Design My Pleated Skirt. Good luck!

Category: Design Games
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